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Papa John Sues Papa John’s

Papa John’s founder John Schattner sues the company for access to the books and records after he resigned. Get the scoop.

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Papa John is suing Papa John’s!

Founder John Schattner has filed a lawsuit against the company to gain access to the books and records after he resigned for using the N-word during a company meeting.

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Via NY Post:

In a complaint filed Thursday, John Schnatter says he wants access to the documents because of the “unexplained and heavy-handed way” that Papa John’s International Inc. has treated him.

The court filing comes as the company tries to distance itself from Schnatter, who resigned as chairman after Forbes published a July 11 article about the alleged slur.

Schnatter says he has been falsely accused and calls his resignation a mistake.

The company has adopted a “poison-pill” plan to try to prevent Schnatter from amassing a controlling stake.


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