Dascha Polanco isn't worried about her assault charges

Dascha Polanco Isn’t Worried About Her Assault Charges

It’s going to take more than an assault charge to shake up Dascha Polanco‘s world.

During a recent appearance on “HuffPost Live,” a viewer asked the “Orange is the New Black” star if she was worried her assault charges for allegedly molly-whopping a 17-year-old girl in July.

Dascha responded, “No. No they won’t,” with a smile on her face.

She continued, “Listen, I lost the biggest thing in my life…that was my mother. Nobody is going to knock me down. No. It takes more than that. People that know me and know my quality, my professionalism, who I am…they’re not worried. And neither am I.”

She ended by quoting Drake and Future saying, “What a time to be alive.”

See the clip.