Oprah Winfrey Can’t Afford To Pick Up ‘Underground’

Many of us were clutching our OWN prayer cloths and hoping Oprah Winfrey would swoop in to save “Underground” after the show was canceled by WGN America, but it’s not going to happen.

Speaking exclusively to Soraya N. McDonald, Culture Critic for “The Undefeated,” Auntie O explained she “can’t afford” the show, which costs $5 million per episode.

I can’t afford ‘Underground.’ It costs twice as much to make. As a matter of fact, my dear friend, John Legend, called me, but we’d already been talking for weeks about could we make it work…could we make it work.

It’s like, $5 million an episode – can’t afford it. It’s not cheap. And I think it’s because it’s a period piece. And Also, it doesn’t have – I think the highest number I saw was a 0.4 or something.

It has the social media following, but it doesn’t have the number that can justify it as a business, for me, at this stage in my business, to spend $5 million an episode.



The “Underground” family is now hoping Netflix will step in to save the show, but Soraya also noted “The Get Down” may have been canceled by Netflix for the very same reason.




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