Dascha Polanco - Jennifer Lopez

Dascha Polanco Shades Jennifer Lopez

Tell em why you mad, Dascha!

After the news broke about Jennifer Lopez‘s forthcoming role as notorious drug lord Griselda Blanco, Dascha Polanco took to Twitter to shade the hell out of her!

The “Orange is the New Black” star dropped a very timely tweet that suggested J. Lo is a “hyprocrite.”

Dascha tweeted, “It’s funny how there are “actors” who criticize orange for women playing inmates but there ready to play a drug lord. #hypocrites”

Peep the tweet below.

Dascha Polanco shades Jennifer Lopez


C’mon Dash! You can’t shade Mutha Lopez with the grammatical errors! #Theyre

She deleted the tweet a short time later after people began pointing out her grammatical error and questioning why she was coming for Jennifer.

Dascha replied with this:



Obviously, she didn’t have the heart to add that tag.

Nothing irks me more than someone who talks tough, then plays crazy like we don’t know who they’re referring to.

Sidebar: Do you think Dascha could pull off playing Griselda?