Kevin McCall Threatens Eva Marcille’s New Man For Holding His Daughter Marley Rae

Kevin McCall wants quality time with his daughter, Marley Rae, and he’s willing to fight for it…literally.

On Mother’s Day, Eva Marcille posted a photo of her new boo, Michael T. Sterling, holding her baby girl and the caption read, “My #mcm and my #bce (baby crush everyday) on Mother’s Day ?”


A photo posted by Eva Marcille (@evamarcille) on


The photo had Kevin hot as fish grease in a deep fryer!

The singer/songwriter took to his IG page and issued a very strong threat to the “stranger” holding his daughter. Kevin basically let him know it’s going down on sight. (He later edited the post to clarify his post was NOT a threat.)

What a lucky guy. After all my attempts to meet at the police station or anywhere “safe” so that I can just hold my OWN child the way this stranger gets to. And to the “Stranger” I hope you are ready to meet me face to face. It won’t be much talking. Some things are off limits. U will be dealt with quick and brief ???? !!!!!! Attention: this is not a threat I just like the buff arm emoji your Honor!!!!! Thanks you enjoy (apparently this emoji is a threat in the court of law lol FOH man) #FrancesCressWesling #theisispapers

Unfortunately, Kevin McCall lost custody of his baby girl and his visitation after he blacked out on Eva and threatened her back in 2014.

Something tells me threatening a total stranger…a politician at that, is not going to help Kev’s case.

Your thoughts?

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