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Fast times done slowed up for Omarosa Manigault Newman.

Sales of her tales from the White House memoir, “Unhinged,” have reportedly dropped 40 percent after selling 34,000 copies following a Trump Twitter tirade.


Omarosa Unhinged

The Washington Post reports:

Given all that presidential attention, “Unhinged” sold more than 33,000 copies in hardback during its first week.

But Trump has been more restrained this week, and Omarosa has had trouble attracting the same level of media attention. Her much-hyped revelations have failed to deliver the kind of shocking news needed to compete in Washington’s scandal-a-day atmosphere. Strip-mined of its most salacious details by news reports, the book may have a hard time finding additional readers.

Second-week sales frequently drop dramatically, as most authors and publishers have trouble maintaining the level of publicity that a newsworthy debut receives.


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