Omarion celebrated his 32nd birthday by releasing his new single, “It’s Whatever,” and Apryl Jones definitely wasn’t bobbing her head to it.

On the G. Ry-produced track, O addresses his failed relationship with Apry as he sings:

I’ve been only single four months
I’m just tryna get my swag back
Probably try to catch a few kids
It’s like I never let um ride back
Torn apart, catch me, I’m on the run
Told my BM she can have that
Put that on my daughter and my son
Every night I’m having flashbacks
So it’s probably wise that
So it’s probably wise that you know that I’m on
You don’t cross the line
F**k your glass of wine
It’s whatever, whatever

Bruh, you even came for her glass of wine?


Apryl Jones

That’s okay. Apryl has been dropping subliminals all over her Twitter feed.

But, she made one thing very clear when she wrote, “I’ll always be great…with or without you.”

Apryl Jones tweets

Listen to the song below and let me know what you think!

Your thoughts?