Jae Hardwick Pens ‘Love Note’ To Black Women

Omari Hardwick‘s wife, Jae Hardwick, is combating the hate she receives with love.

The couple has been criticized, scrutinized, and attacked online because of their interracial marriage.

Some folks feel like the “Power” star sold out by marrying outside of his race.

Then, there are others who feel like Jae isn’t “attractive” enough to be with Omari.

Jae took to social media on Thursday to share a “love note” she wrote to black women. She also explained the inspiration behind the note.

She explained:

I physically wrote this “love note” months ago but my soul and mind has been penning this “letter” for decades. I can never walk in the shoes of a black man or black woman in America, even being married to a black man and raising biracial kids, this journey they walk is unique to them. I can only be a advocate and activist and their loving, passionate, protective Wife and Mommy. I have clearly always seen the nastiness in our country and the unfairness that gets glazed over or hidden.

Black/Brown people are not celebrated as they should be. Their ideas are often stolen, the culture appropriated to make a buck and as this letter expresses , the beauty, specifically of black women, is copied BUT not praised in its origin. Most already know this, but for those who forgot, ill say it: My husband is a celebrator or black brilliance and black beauty and finding other races beautiful does not negate the love one has for their “own” race.
I know my own beauty just as I know yours.

I will always fight for Black Kings and Black Queens to be SEEN and celebrated. Whether I’m “accepted” or not, my heart lies with my family and I will always fight as such.

Please take the time to read all this love note from me to you. It will be in three posts.

God bless.

I truly love you,


Read Jae Hardwick’s “Love Note” to black women on page 2.