Omari Hardwick Pens Heartfelt Letter To His Children


Omari Hardwick was catching all types of online fade on social media following his interview on “The Breakfast Club,” where he addressed criticism over declining to take photos with fans while he’s with his family.

In case you missed it…



While some felt like Omari has the right to turn down a photo when he’s spending quality time with his family, others dragged the “Power” star and said is attitude is plain out stank whether or not it involves taking a photo.

Omari took to social media and wrote a heartfelt letter to this children about how lies will be told and written about him.

He went on to say he cares about his “real” fans, but he doesn’t care about them more than he cares and loves his children.

Read the letter below.

Dear Super Nova & Brave Boy,

When you get older you will read things about your Papa & your Mama. Some of these things will be true. Some of these things could not be furthest from the truth. To the latter….i say this: Your Papa has cared about his fans (especially his REAL ones) ALWAYS. But, Papa will NEVER care about ANYONE more than i care about you two.

No one & i mean NO one made your Papa. GOD made your Papa. And your Mama. We were THAT type. And God blessed your Papa with so many colors many were confused about who i was. They can read this with you two if need be. I was someone who struggled with the fame that came with all that God blessed me with.

My negotiation with God was: Ok i will do the fame….as long as the FAME minus the E=remains the MOST important thing to me. Nova & Brave, you will read too many like you say that their parent or father who was in your Papa’s position….neglected them or forgot that they were his legacy. Not his performances within characters & story. Read this: I WILL NEVER FORGET.

Including on this day off from work when ALL i wanted to do was focus on you. Not drama that i was not payed to act in.

#iRepeatRelax #MaybEiWontChangeTheFaceOfActing #BuTiCanHelpChangeTheFaceOfCelebrity #AndARTistry #ThankYouFans #LoveYouGhostRiders #LoveMyBrotherJamilForHavingMyBack #MamaBearJaeYouStrong #LOOOOVEyouNOVABRAVE ??❤️??

Omari’s wife Jae co-signed the letter writing:

…Mic droooooopppppped.

Love him or hate him for this but God and all the divinity that goes with Him/Her will reward the shit outta my husband for knowing and living what matters most every. damn. day.
Family over every mothaf—in thing.

For those of you who are adamant about taking a photo with Omari – I’m offering some help!



Better yet – just leave the man alone and ask someone else for a photo!

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