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OH NO: Kym Whitley Injures Her Face In Freak Accident

Please join me in sending up prayers for Kym Whitley.

The comedian and actress injured her face and mouth in a freak accident on Wednesday.

According to a post on her Instagram page, Kym was walking in a place of business and there was a hole in the ground that had not been repaired.

She stepped in it and fell on her face. Literally, on her face.

Kym joked in the caption of her post that she had “fell on her paycheck.”

Had a little boo-boo today. One minute you’re fine and the next minute you could be in the bed with your girlfriend @jackiefabulous talking about can you please bring me some ice.

Was in a place of business and there was a hole in the ground that they had not repaired, I stepped in it and fell on my face. #kymwhitley #blessedandhealing #Godgotme #friends #ifellonmypaycheck #accident

See video of Kym Whitley’s injuries below.

Lordt! I’m sending Kym love and prayers for a speedy recovery and a hefty “paycheck” for all of her pain and suffering.

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