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Oh Lordt! Video Surfaces Of Tiny Harris Getting Jiggy With Floyd Mayweather At Mariah Carey’s Party (Video)

Mariah Carey - Tiny Harris - Floyd Mayweather


Last month, Tiny Harris came under fire after she snapped a photo with Floyd Mayweather at Mariah Carey‘s Halloween shindig.

You may recall, Tiny appeared on TMZ to explain it away by saying she was headed out the door when Mimi called her over to snap a pic with her and the champ.

When that didn’t calm the waters, Tiny released a written statement that read, “I love my husband, always have and always will. This in no way was meant in a disrespectful manner towards my husband.”

Over a month later, a video has surfaced online of Tiny and Floyd getting jiggy on the dance floor. Clawd hammercy!


What’s even more crazy is whoever was filming Tiny and Floyd cutting a rug was doing it on the low – all between the plants and whatnot.

Some suspect the video may have allegedly been leaked by Tamar Braxton, who was also at the party.

In case you haven’t heard, Tiny is the latest friend to get axed from Tay Tay’s short list of friends. Tamar unfollowed her former bestie on social media after Tiny congratulated Monica Brown on appearing on “The Real.”

The timing of the video dropping is uncanny if I must say so myself.

Fix it, Lord.

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