Summer Bunni, Offset‘s alleged mistress says she is ashamed and riddled with guilt for breaking up his happy home.

Cardi B announced her split from Offset after FaceTime video and text messages were leaked online exposing the Migos rapper for trying to set up a threesome with Summer and raptress Cuban Doll.

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Summer cried crocodile tears and had a snotty nose as she told TMZ how terrible she feels knowing her alleged affair with the rapper may have ruined his marriage.

She went on to say she hasn’t slept with Offset since Cardi had the baby and noted that she didn’t know how serious their marriage was.

Bih, they’re MARRIED!!!

She also posted this IG press release:

First of all, I don’t trust any grown woman who calls herself “Summer Bunni.”

Secondly, Offset is responsible for his marriage. Ms. Bunni just needs to learn how to carry herself better than sleeping with married men.

She’s only crying because I’m sure Bardi Gang is giving her hell.

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