Jacai Colson

Officer Jacai Colson Deliberately Shot By A Fellow Officer Who Mistook Him For A Suspect

Devastating news coming out of Prince George’s County in Maryland.

Police have revealed Officer Jacai Colson, who was fatally wounded in a gun battle outside of the police station on Sunday, was deliberately shot and killed by a fellow officer who mistook him for a suspect.

Via CNN:

The gunshot that struck a police officer in Maryland this week was “deliberately aimed at him by another police officer,” a chief said Wednesday.

It was previously known that Officer First Class Jacai Colson had been killed by friendly fire.

“The shot that struck and killed Detective Colson was deliberately aimed at him by another police officer. It’s another tragic dimension to this unfolding story,” Prince George’s County police Chief Hank Stawinski told reporters.

He stressed how chaotic the situation was and that he does not believe any malice was involved on the part of the officer who fired the weapon.

The chief stopped short of speculating what that officer may have believed about Colson in the moment.

Colson was in plain clothes with no bulletproof vest when he jumped out of his unmarked car Sunday to confront a gunman outside a police station. Three other officers returned fire.

“The environment was incredibly chaotic. We had officers under fire immediately, trying to seek cover,” Stawinski said.

“There’s no intention, as I have seen the facts and as they have been explained to me, to indicate any malice or anything along those lines.”

Michael Ford, 22, is accused of initiating the shootout with police. Authorities have said his brothers, Elijah and Malik Ford, watched and filmed as he used a .40-caliber handgun to open fire on officers outside the station, as well as at an ambulance and random people’s cars.

Elijah, 18, and Malik Ford, 21, each face 10 charges, including first-degree assault, attempted murder, and conspiracy to commit murder, said State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks. Both are being held on no-bond status.

Michael Ford, who suffered what’s believed to be nonlife-threatening injuries, faces 25 counts, Alsobrooks said. He is also being held without bond.

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