Odell Beckham Jr. Says Being Famous Makes Him Feel Like ‘A Zoo Animal’ (Video)

Odell Beckham feels like a zoo animal

You want fame? Well, fame costs!” – Debbie Allen

NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. revealed being famous and in the spotlight makes him feel “like a zoo animal.”

During his appearance on LeBron James‘ HBO series, “The Shop,” the New York Giants wide receiver, who just signed a $95 million contract, said:

I tell people this all the time…

I really feel like a zoo animal. That’s where life’s gone for me….

I got people like, ‘Odell, dance!’ Like I’m a show monkey or something – like I’m a puppet. 

To me, that doesn’t feel good. But, it’s like damn that’s what life became.

Watch the clip below.



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