O.J. Simpson Released From Prison

The “Juice” is on the loose! O.J. Simpson was quietly released on parole from a Nevada prison on Sunday night after serving 9 years for kidnapping and armed robbery.

Here’s the scoop via CNN:

The former NFL star left prison shortly after midnight local time, and was picked up by an unidentified friend, according to Brooke Keast , a spokeswoman for the Nevada Department of Corrections.

“I told him, ‘Don’t come back,’ and he responded, ‘I don’t intend to,’ ” she said. “He was upbeat, personable and seemed happy to get on with his life.”

Unlike previous instances, where controversy followed wherever he went, Simpson was released in the middle of the night to avoid media attention.

“Our biggest concern was our safety and the public’s safety and not wanting anybody, paparazzi, to follow him,” Keast said. “He left through a big blue door through the front gatehouse and exited quietly. He looked down because he didn’t want to be photographed.”

I’m curious to see what will be next for O.J.? An exclusive interview? Another book? Will he lay low or will he stunt on em and have a O.J.’s Home party?

The NFL Hall of Famer made $600,000 while he was in jail.

And Ron Goldman’s family is still going after the $65 million settlement from their civil suit! Luckily for the “Juice,” NFL pensions are protected by law.

Your thoughts?

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