Matt Barnes dropped this pic on his Instagram feed shortly after the news of Fisher’s firing.

Many folks have come to their own conclusions as to what the captionless photo means. Looks like the stare of karma to me.

You may recall, Matt credited Derek Fisher for playing a part in the “worst year of his life” following their dust-up at Gloria Govan’s house.

Being stuck in the “triangle offense” w my ex & snitch, I mean former teammate & friend.. Who went behind my back, messed w my ex, got caught, got dealt w for being a snake, then ran & told the Police & NBA.. Instead of taken that a** whoopin like a man & kept it moving….!

Following the incident, Matt received a two-game suspension and he was fined $35,000 for his comments before a game against the Knicks when he said “violence is never the answer, but sometimes it is.”

Meanwhile….Dennis Rodman is trying to scoop the job Derek lost.

The retired NBA baller hopped on Twitter to let his former coach Phil Jackson know that he’s ready, willing, and able.

Your thoughts?

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