Kevin Hart


Kevin Hart has never been afraid to step outside of the box…especially when he gets on his “comedic rockstar ish.”

Tonight, Kev flexed on them with a sleeveless leather top shirt for his stand up show in Arizona and some of his celebrity friends went in with the jokes.

Drake, Lil Duval, and Meek Mill offered their jokey jokes from the peanut gallery.

Check it out below.


Drake - Kevin Hart Lil Duval - Kevin Hart Meek Mil - Kevin Hart


While others had jokes, Tank came to Kevin Hart‘s defense.

Tank defends Kevin Hart


I’m sure Kevin will get a kick out the harmless jokes from his friends.

Personally, I don’t think the top shirt looks that bad. I’ve seen Kevin Hart rocking worse in the past.


Kevin Hart has declared war on Meek Mill, Drake, and Lil Duval.

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