Keyshia Cole - Chris Brown


Keyshia Cole Says Chris Brown Turned Her Down Four Times

During an impromptu Q&A session with her fans, Keyshia Cole revealed she would really love to do a duet with Chris Brown, but the singer keeps turning her down.

Chris Brown would’ve been awesome. But he keeps saying no. Like 4 times already: so I’m done with asking.

There are no hard feelings. In fact, Keyshia shared she’s proud of his growth, but she just wasn’t willing to do the kind of music he wants to make.

Chris has grown so much. Proud of him. He just wanted me to try something different. Something more pop.

Ummmmmm it’s kinda hard for me to do it. Anything is possible. I just wasn’t ready at the time.

Based on the last couple of single, Key-Cole has dropped, she may want to reconsider and try something different with Breezy.

At this point, it couldn’t hurt.

Your thoughts?

Photo: Instagram

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