Family Sues School For $3M After White Students Drag Their Daughter With A Rope Around Her Neck

No Charges Filed In Rope Burn Case

Investigators have ruled the incident during a school trip that resulted in severe rope burns around the neck of a 12-year-old black girl was accidental and not racially motivated.

On Monday, the Blanco County Sheriff’s Office announced no charges will be filed stemming from the late-April incident.

According to Blanco County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Ben Ablon, who closed the case late last week, there was no evidence to support the assertion that the student’s injuries were intentional or arose from racially motivated bullying.

“In looking into this allegation (the aim) was to, one, determine if a crime had occurred and, if in fact a crime had occurred, was it racially motivated, making it a hate crime?” Ablon said. “That is what we had to address, not if the school could have handled things differently. And in our investigation, we have determined that there is not sufficient evidence to bring charges against anyone criminally, and we found no evidence of a racially motivated act.”

The girl’s parents have slapped Live Oak Classical School with a $3 million civil rights lawsuit claiming negligence, gross negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress against the school.

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