Police Shoot Unarmed Caregiver Of Autistic Man While His Hands Were In The Air

No Charges Filed Against Police Commander

A lie doesn’t care who tells it and neither does the North Miami Police Department!

No charges will be filed against the police commander who lied gave inconsistent statements in the Charles Kinsey shooting.

Kinsey was unarmed with his hands in the air when he was shot in the leg while trying to help an autistic patient who wandered away from the assisted living facility.

Via ABC 10:

Police said Officer Jonathon Aledda shot Charles Kinsey July 18 after officers were called to the area of Northwest 14th Avenue and 127th Street about a man walking around with a gun and threatening to take his own life.

Sources told Local 10 News that Cmdr. Emile Hollant was the voice on the police radio telling dispatchers and other officers that someone had a gun. They said he then lied to investigators, telling them he wasn’t at the scene when the shooting happened.

According to the close-out memo, Hollant provided a voluntary statement to prosecutors and said that he was at the scene of the shooting and “engaged to some degree in the incidents that led up to the shooting and those that followed.”

But he claimed that he returned to his police-issued vehicle, more than a block away, to retrieve his binoculars when he heard gunshots.

Prosecutors said Hollant did not witness Aledda fire his weapon and therefore told members of the Police Department that he had not witnessed the shooting since he was only present beforehand.

“We conclude that Commander Hollant did not lie, and that there was no intent by Commander Hollant to mislead or obstruct investigators or command staff officers regarding his involvement in the police shooting,” the memo said.

It’s bad enough they shot Kinsey for no reason, but it’s okay for them to lie about it too?

Got it!

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