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No Bae For O’Shea: O’Shea Jackson Jr. Sets The Record Straight About His Alleged Girlfriend

O’Shea Jr. wrote:

Ok I need to get some sh*t off my chest because I can’t wait for an interview to clear this sh*t up. The woman ya’ll keep posting pictures of me with ….. Is NOT my girlfriend and she hasn’t been for some time now! You mothafuckas posting pics of her and I are LATE AS F**K. posting these old ass pictures pretending that they new because you did a little internet stalker research. Fake f**kin pages. Tagging her in sh*t. Whoever was on that f**kin Twitter bullsh*t is acting like we still together but ain’t had one back in forth convo with me. Leave her the f**k alone and leave me the f**k alone about her. Mothaf**kas is really ridiculous and I’ve kept my cool and mouth shut about it but now sh*t is gettin out of hand. Don’t message my friend. Don’t comment on her sh*t. Don’t send her threats you f**kin lunatics who do. Do not further feed into the confusion that I gotta f**kin clear up because some people THINK THEY KNOW MY LIFE. f**k outta here man I’m tryna watch football!

The bad news is Junior has officially become a victim of foolish internet shenanigans.

The good news is he’s still on the market.

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