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Nikko Smith Claims Mimi Faust Hired Him To Be Her Boo On ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ – ‘She Needed A Love Interest’ + Mimi Claps Back!

Nikko Smith says Mimi Faust hired him for Love and Hip Hop Atlanta



Nikko Smith is telling quite an interesting story of how he ended up on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” as Mimi Faust‘s man-turned-menace.

During an interview with Hot 97‘s “Ebro in the Morning,” Nikko says he and his peek-a-boo wife, Margeaux Simms, were homeless and struggling to maintain when a chance meeting with Mimi changed everything.

Mimi and her manager sees me in a hotel and her manager approached me, I know her manager very well, and they needed a love interest for her for the second season.

So, it made sense after what Steven Jordan did to her. She was torn up… I guess whatever. Then, me and her linked in.

They invited me out to dinner. So they did the whole ‘wine and dine me.’ Invited me out to Boa Steakhouse and this and that…sizing me up.

It was a move for me to say, ‘Okay…they sizing me up. I see what it is.’ So, they invited me out to Boa Steakhouse, they had the producer from VH1 at that time with them…so it was a good fit.

After multiple “wining and dining” sessions, Nikko says he got the call from Mimi’s manager making it official.

At the end of the day, her manager called me and was like, ‘Listen, would you like to come on the second season as Mimi’s love interest.’ So, they actually sized me up and knew they wanted to make this happen already.

Watch below.



When Mimi Faust caught wind of Nikko’s interview, she took to her Twitter account to clap back.

Peep her tweet below.

Mimi Faust tweet about Nikko Smith

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