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Nicole Murphy stopped by the “Wendy Williams Show” on Tuesday to tell her side of the story in her summer scandal with Antoine Fuqua.

You may recall, the 51-year-old beauty was spotted kissing Lela Rochon‘s husband during a baecation in Italy.

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While chatting with Wendy, Nicole began by downplaying the kiss as a simple peck.

It was a moment where I should have thought more through the situation and made better judgments. 

It’s something that I apologize for. What happened was… there was a statement that was released. I did not put out that statement. I was actually on the airplane coming back from Europe.

Nicole says she was in Italy on business (not a baecation). There were some designers she was meeting and working with. 

She went on to say Antoine was a familiar face while she was out there. 

I was at the pool. We were on a different time zone and I was having a hard time staying awake. 

I was drinking Espresso – that was it.

When it comes to the “peck” kiss, Nicole says:

It was a moment. I regret it. I apologized for it and I’m a human being. It was a mistake. 

Nicole Murphy went on to encourage women to do their research because it could happen to anyone. 

When Wendy pulled another photo of Nicole kissing Antoine – Nicole got jammed up. 

She continually stated she regrets the kiss and it was a mistake. 

Nicole wouldn’t go into detail as to why she felt so comfy laying up with Antoine Fuqua in the first place.

But, she didn’t hesitate denying she slept with LisaRaye’s ex-husband. 

Throughout the conversation, Nicole made several attempts to shift the blame to social media for fueling rumors and creating false narratives.

Wendy didn’t allow her to use social media as a scapegoat.

Ms. Murphy also denied releasing the statement where she called Antoine Fuqua a “family friend.”

B. Scott blasted her for lying and posted receipts!

Whew chile….Nicole is dangerous. Watch the clip below.

Nicole Murphy was better off staying at home and spending quality time with her new granddaughter.

What are you thoughts on Nicole’s exclusive interview?

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