Nicki Minaj put on her petty pants and took to social media to mock the BET Awards for their lowest ratings ever!

Sunday night’s shindig, where Mary J. Blige and Tyler Perry were honored, only garnered 2 million viewers.

Nicki mocked the network for taking a ratings L and scolded them for becoming a “messy reality show than a prestigious award show.”

You may recall the Queen of the Barbs and the entire Young Money camp pulled out of the BET Awards festivities after threw shade at Nicki Minaj when Cardi B won a Grammy.

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Peep her tweet below:

Note: I did a little digging into the show’s ratings myself and while Wikipedia says it was 3.8 million, TV By The Numbers reports the ratings as 2.43 million viewers.

BET has yet to release confirmation of their ratings.

Clearly, Nicki did accept BET’s apology for their petty post.

UPDATE: BET sent a press release to Billboard saying the BET Awards garnered 12.7 million viewers.

Your thoughts?

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