Nicki Minaj & Safaree Blast Each Other Online

Nicki Minaj and Safaree are going at it again in the streets of Twitter and it’s super ugly!

It all stems from a recent interview the raptress did with Funkmaster Flex where Nicki  addressed Safaree lying about writing her raps.

While addressing the rumor, Nicki got fired up and began spilling all kinds of tea about Safaree from him allegedly not wanting to work to him telling her to give up rap because it will never happen for her.

Oh, and I can’t forget him allegedly stealing her credit card.



But, the Liptons didn’t stop there…

Watch below.



Eventually, the tea party spilled into the streets of Twitter when Safaree hopped online to respond to some of the things Nicki said during her interview.

He also brewed up some tea of his own including the time she allegedly almost stabbed him to death.

Safaree wrote:

Unless I really cared still I could not let the mention of someone’s name get me that riled up. That looks like some1 who either stlll cares or just holding on to a lot of hate towards someone. How many times have I said I never wrote ur raps? Nobody even talks about that anymore

Nicki responded:

U stole my card & told me you thought it was an account with “free money” that I didn’t know about. On God. God will strike you down & more for lying. Ha! Stop saying u packed & left ! On Jesus u came to my house CRYING BEGGING to go w|me to Europe to the EMA’s. I said NO DUMMY

Safaree wrote:

You hold on to everything. your problem with Dj self is because me and him are so cool and nothing else. You have a problem with mona Scott because she put me on the show. let all that ish go. And now I stole your card? The 1 you gave me he pin for and had me doing ish with?

We know each other inside out. Everything there was for us. I didn’t use your card for prostitutes. We both didn’t trust each other. You did sh*t I did sh*t. You said you were messing with meek a few years b4 y’all got together and I’m not mad at that.

Towards the end it got toxic and I just packed up and left. I did things for spite and so did you. I don’t wish you bad and I don’t want us back together just like I’m sure you don’t. I don’t need you you don’t need me but we will always be linked in the public no matter what.

Remember the night you cut me and i almost died the police and ambulance had to take me out the crib on a stretcher and I had to lie and tell them I was trying to kill myself so they wouldn’t take you to jail. When things like that start happening more Than once it’s time to dip.

And you know what I still don’t have no hate for you cuz I’m happy in my own mind now. Enjoy your album dropping. And stop letting these ppl see you sweat. This ain’t you. You too big to act the way you be acting. No1 on ur level acts like that. Period

So what if @djenvy and @djself support me they support you to.. I’ve been places and they play your music allll the time. Stop letting your hate for me reflect on how you treat others. You hate me I love you and want you good but I don’t like you looking like your losing it!

I thought you were gonna zen and cleanse your mind and body what kind of zen is this ???.. what in the zen sorcery is going here ??

Nicki wrote:

Sherika & I had a bet that soon as you knew meek was bout to come home your crawl back & ya did! ? came to my house CRYING. JOYCE WAS THERE! My whole glam was there! Left who?!?! You gettin aired out on #QueenRadio too on Thursday! Apologize & STFU

I should’ve never paid for that gyatDamn hairline!!!! It fell back out cuz God don’t like ugly!!!! You used me but God had other plans!!!!!

Tyga sh*t ain’t fall back out!!!! Y’all went to the same doctor!!! Yours fell out cuz GOD DONT LIKE UGLY!!!!!!

Safaree responded:

1st off Me and tyga didn’t go to the same dr. We did it the same day. Diff doctors . Listen I don’t know if this has to do with 1st week sales but you need to finish your zen. And don’t talk about vh1 checks cuz the way you’re acting it’s like your auditioning to be on LHH

Nicki wrote:

Btch you hit me & meek asking us to get your d**k pic back from someone. Lol. You were playing with ur d**k in the shower by urself with suds & sh*t. I have the email where u said you couldn’t pay ur electric bill & why you lied on me but go AWWFFF SIS!

Safaree responded:

At least y’all know I was trying to keep my nudes to myself now. Some1 was trying to leak my di%^ pic for years and ive been trying to stop it forever. But is this suppose to be your promo run? I’m flattered that you feel talking about me can help. I can’t believe ur still mad.

Nicki Minaj told her Barbz she would finish airing Safaree out on her Queen Radio show this Thursday.

Whew chile….the messy.

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