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Nick Gordon Continues To Blast Bobby Brown On Twitter – ‘Dude Is A Joke…Played Out!’

I told you all on the “Ice Cream Convos Morning Show” it was only a matter of time before Nick Gordon would begin popping off on social media regarding not being able to see Bobbi Kristina Brown.

Nick kicked off the foolery over the weekend when he demanded that Bobby Brown allow him to see Bobbi Kris and said he would even agree to their conditions if he is allowed 24/7 access to Whitney Houston‘s daughter.

Nick Gordon Pleads With Bobby Brown To Allow Him To See Bobbi Kristina – ‘Let Her Hear My Voice SHE WILL WAKE UP!’

But, after a few public shade trades between Nick and Bobby’s attorneys…Mr. Gordon is taking his fight to the streets of Twitter.

On Monday, Bobbi Kris’ boyfriend went in on her father calling him “a joke” and added that he’s “played out” and looking for publicity after only seeing his daughter “4 times in the last 5 years.”

Nick Gordon also claims he has spoken with the Roswell detectives, something that was allegedly part of Bobby Brown‘s conditions to grant him access to Bobbi Kristina.

I pray that a resolution comes swiftly in this situation before it gets any worse.

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