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Nick Gordon To Appear On ‘Dr. Phil’ Again – Watch A Sneak Peek!

Nick Gordon on Dr. Phil April 2016

Nick Gordon To Appear On “Dr. Phil” Again

After performing more than a drunk clown at Universoul Circus during his last interview, Nick Gordon will sit down for another exclusive interview with Dr. Phil.

Although he’s never been formally charged of a crime, many feel Nick had a hand in the events that led up to Bobbi Kristina‘s untimely passing.

Here’s the scoop on what you can expect from this interview:

In a DR. PHIL exclusive, Nick Gordon, the former boyfriend of Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, returns to the show and sits down one-on-one with Dr. Phil for another explosive interview.

In March 2015, Dr. Phil sat down with Gordon and it turned into an emotional, unpredictable intervention that made national headlines. Now, Gordon finally answers the hard questions about Bobbi Kristina’s final hours before being found clinging to life in her bathtub.

What shocking secrets about the tragic deaths of both Houston and Brown and their private life behind closed doors does he finally reveal?

Watch the clip on page 2.

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