Ice Cream Convos - Nick Cannon


Nick Cannon is showing off the finished product of his Mariah Carey tattoo cover up.

Not only did Nick cover up the R&B diva’s name (after their marriage went up yonda)…he went all out by turning his back into an elaborate work of art.

The tattoo, which displays Christ on a cross with the caption, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do,” took over 30 hours to complete and I know it had to itch like the dickens!

In an early morning Instagram post, Nick Cannon shared a clear photo of his new ink with the caption, “Take a picture… it lasts longer!!! #HereYouGo #ClearPic #Ncredible”


Nick Cannon - Mariah Carey tattoo cover up


The tattoo is dope as all get out!

If you stop and stare you can still see remnants of Mariah’s name. But, that’s black history now.

In other news, Nick also snagged the cover of Urban Ink magazine.


Nick Cannon covers Urban Ink


Nick is lookin good!

Photos: Instagram