Nick Cannon Denies 'Oh Well' Is A Diss Song About Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon Denies Alleged Mariah Carey Diss Song

Nick Cannon is slamming the media for reporting his newly released song, “Oh Well,” is a diss song about Mariah Carey.

In the song, posted on his Soundcloud page, Nick raps, “I still feel bitter about it…You leaving the house. You f**king that n***a, giving me a reason to bounce. Oh well.”

The song is as salty as Morton’s, but Nick claims it was a “character piece from a film” not a musical assault on the mother of his children.

Nick blasted the media outlets who reported the story calling them “bottom feeders” and demanded that they do their jobs better.

Listen to the song and peep the tweets on page 2.