As promised, J. Cole has released his new single, “Middle Child,” and I’m here for all of it.

On the T-Minus-produced track, Coley Cole raps:

I’m dead in the middle of two generations
I’m little bro and big bro all at once
Just left the lab with young 21 Savage
I’m bout to go and meet Jigga for lunch
Had a long talk with the young ni–a Kodak
Reminded me of young ni–as from Ville
Straight out the projects, no faking just honest
I wish that he had more guidance forreal
Too many ni–as in cycle of jail
Spending they birthdays inside of a cell
We coming from a long bloodline of trauma
We raised by our mamas, Lord we gotta heal
We hurting our sisters, the babies as well
We killing our brothers, they poisoned the well
Distorted self-image, we set up to fail
Imma make sure that the real gon’ prevail, ni–a

Listen below and let me know if you’re SCOOPING or SCRAPING this joint!


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