Elle-Varner-Birthday-50 Cent


The Perfectly Imperfect R&B songstress Elle Varner has released her new single, “Birthday” featuring 50 Cent for your musical delight.

On “Birthday” Elle sings about giving your lover that special bornday treatment every day as she sings, “I know you love it when I spoil you, baby / So I’ma treat you like it’s your birthday every day.” 50 Cent falls short lyrically, but what else is new.

The “Refill” singer gave Billboard the scoop on her new single saying, “Imagine if your lover treated you like everyday was your birthday! We captured that fun and sexy vibe on this record. You can certainly add this one to your go-to collection of ‘Birthday’ classics.”

I’m totally here for the single artwork, but the song may have to grow on me.

Take a listen on page 2.