Cardi B - Bartier Cardi - 21 Savage

Cardi B Releases ‘Bartier Cardi’

Cardi B is ending her amazing year on a high note with the release of her new single, “Bartier Cardi,” featuring 21 Savage.

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On the track, the 2x Grammy-nominated rapper spits:

B-tch, you a wannabe Cardi
Red bottom M.J. moonwalk on a b-tch
Moonwalkin’ through your clique
I’m moonwalkin’ in the 6
Sticky with the kick, moonrocks in this sh-t
I from the motherf-ckin’ Bronx (Bronx)
I keep the pump in the trunk (trunk)
B-tch if you bad then jump (jump)
Might lead your b-tch in a slump

Listen below.