Brandy Releases “Beggin & Pleadin”

On Tuesday night, Brandy dropped “Beggin & Pleadin” to celebrate the premiere of her new BET sitcom, “Zoe Ever After.”

To say Brandy made the song cry on the blues-driven track produced by Oak, Pop, and Flippa and written by Kirby Lauryen would be a huge understatement.

Ms. Norwood was serving vocal like a Waffle House waitress slinging scattered, covered, and smothered hash-browns at 2 am!

In a message to her fans, the actress and singer wrote:

Based on a true story—#BegginAndPleadin #NewMusic???? #NewTvShow #ZoeEverAfter #ZoëEverAfter???? #BrandyEverAfter???? #GoodGodAlmighty Thank you to Oak @oakestra, Pop, Flippa @flippa123 and of course @kirbylauryen for telling my story!!! As I grew through the subject matter of this song, I realized that I needed ME to forgive me for not believing what I felt!!! So #deuces. #Solo #BrandyEverAfter????

Listen to “Beggin & Pleadin” on page 2.