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Netflix Releases First Trailer For Rachel Dolezal Documentary ‘The Rachel Divide’ (Video)

Netflix - Rachel Dolezal - The Rachel Divide trailer

Rachel Dolezal, the civil rights activist and former NAACP leader who was exposed for pretending to be a black woman has a new documentary coming to Netflix.

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The Rachel Divide” is slated to premiere on April 27 and will offer an in-depth look into the life of the faux Nubian queen.

Filmmaker Laura Brownson explained her motivations for telling Dolezal’s story in an interview with Vulture.

In making the film, I came to a deeper understanding of the raw nerve that Rachel hits in our society, but I also learned that her motivations to identify as she does are far more complicated than most realize.

Regardless of how people feel about Rachel, I hope the film will challenge audiences to think more deeply about race and identity in America.

Watch the first trailer below.



Do you plan to watch?

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