Netflix To Cancel ‘House Of Cards’

Danggit! I knew it was coming….

Netflix has announced they are pulling the plug on their hit original series, “House of Cards,” after the sixth season in light of the recent sexual molestation allegations against Kevin Spacey.

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Via Deadline:

Coming just over 12-hours after the Star Trek Discovery star first made public his allegations on October 29 of what happened at a party at Spacey’s NYC apartment back in the mid-1980s, the streaming service made the decision today sources tell us. Key cast and creatives were alerted this morning.

We have also heard that Netflix’s Spacey starring film Gore about the acerbic author Gore Vidal may be on the chopping block now too. The Reed Hastings run streaming service has stayed official silent on the sexual advance claims. No word yet if the NYPD are looking into the matter that occurred in their jurisdiction back in 1986 between then 14-year old Rapp and Spacey.

Netflix ain’t slick! They are going to get that money for the sixth season of “House of Cards” before they cancel it.

They’re mad…but, they’re not that mad about the allegations against Kevin.