NeNe Leakes to sue Kenya Moore


Say it isn’t so!

NeNe Leakes, the woman who says she’s always down for a good read and some shade, is threatening to sue Kenya Moore for defamation?

On Tuesday, Kenya Moore shared a snapshot of a cease and desist letter she received from The Secret Firm on behalf of NeNe threatening litigation for false and defamatory statements made on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” social media, and the Bravo TV blog.

The letter states:

Mrs. Leakes has learned that you have engaged in making false, destructive, and defamatory statements. These statements have been made directly, by implication and innuendo during television broadcasts and through social media and the BravoTV blog. 

Your postings on BravoTV have been false, malicious and ostensibly made with the intent to cause damage to her reputation by exposing her to public hatred, contempt and ridicule, and injuring her in her trade and/or profession.

See the letter and Kenya’s response below:

NeNe Leakes threatens to sue Kenya Moore Kenya Moore - NeNe Leakes

As far as Kenya’s defaming posts on Bravo TV…

Here’s a snippet of a recent BravoTV blog post where Kenya Moore shares her thoughts on the Puerto Rico drama:

Even though I’m chocolate, I was in need of some sun from all that shade! Honestly it was embarrassing to see NeNe be so vulgar. I had to apologize to Claudia on their behalf, because no woman should be subjected to such denigrating remarks or attacks on her character.

I wasn’t shocked that Claudia called her out. She laughed at Claudia, not with her, at the dinner table after NeNe’s crass comments. Furthermore, most if not all of the women have remarked about her sugar daddy, and it seems as though Claudia was fed up at their double standards and called her out for it. Her point being that everyone wants to call her a whore, but by the definition, you can draw your own conclusions about whom that applies to based upon the facts, not rumors.

According to a recent post on NeNe Leakes’ blog, she feels like Kenya and other cast members have formed an alliance in hopes of bringing her down and blocking her blessings.

I got’em waking up early on Monday mornings doing local radio just to talk about me! One thing is for sure, you can’t fool the viewing audiences. You can easily spot the ones that are trying to maintain a pay check by any means necessary. The gang-ups and bashing is not a good look either but I betcha when they gathered to have their “Nene meetings” they thought they had the perfect plan. The plan being to form an alliance to bring me down by throwing obstacles in my way and using name calling like beast, bully, bipolar and bad friend with hopes of blocking my path. But you can’t block God.

Something in my spirit tells me this tweet was in response to Kenya posting the legal letter online.

NeNe Leakes tweet

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. You can’t throw darts and get mad when darts are thrown back.

This is a unadulterated hot mess!

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