Steve Harvey Show - NeNe Leakes on Real Housewives of Atlanta


The waters have been pretty murky when it comes to NeNe Leakes‘ status with the “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Ever since NeNe’s career popped off, there seems to be drama surrounding her return to the show every season. Whether it’s contract negotiations, beef with other cast members, or other opportunities – there’s always something.

Well, when it was time to move forward with season 9, they moved forward without informing the self-proclaimed “Rich B**ch” that they were even filming.

During a visit to the “Steve Harvey Show,” NeNe said she “feels like Kelly Ripa.”

They are shooting season 9 currently, and just so happen for whatever reason they started shooting and didn’t call me up?

I feel like Kelly Ripa, honey! Cause i’ve been there since day one. Y’all shooting and not even calling your girl up?

NeNe added, “They did reach out to me, though and we are talking. So, I will possibly make some appearances in season.”

Watch the clip below.



NeNe is a staple in the “Real Houses of Atlanta” franchise.

Do you want to see her on season 9?