NeNe Leakes new nose

NeNe Leakes Confirms Her New Nose & Claps Back At Her Haters

NeNe Leakes confirmed she did have her nose done again during a visit to the “Watch What Happens Live!” clubhouse on Thursday night.

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star began by pointing out she can do whatever she wants with her nose telling Andy Cohen, “I got my nose done because first of all, I can. I will. And I’ll get it done again if I want to. OK?”

She went on to say this surgery was for medical reasons versus her first surgery in 2010.

NeNe explained, “There was a real medical reason why I had to get it done again. My cartilage was growing in my nose, my tip was touching the top of my lip. This time I had a lot more cartilage moved around in my nose.”

She also shared her frustrations with her uninformed critics saying, “People are constantly judging and picking apart. It’s absolutely horrible and people don’t even know what the purpose is.”

Watch the clip below.



NeNe Leakes dropped this tweet for her haters:

NeNe Leakes Tweet


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