This is so hard for me to type! I cry as I do so! I am so Grateful for all the love and laughs! Thank you so much to everyone that has watched and supported me over the years on this amazing platform! With lots of thoughts and prayer I’ve decided to step out on faith and not fear😥 #nomoRHOA4me

Whether you love NeNe or hate to see her coming, you have to admit she finessed her reality TV situation beautifully.

From Broadway to her own clothing line, NeNe Leakes is getting it.

NeNe recently announced she’s now a part of Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood game, which has raked in over $85 million since it was released.


NeNe Leakes - Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game app



I’m looking forward to seeing what NeNe Leakes’ next chapter will be. I wish her the best.



Photo: Instagram & Getty

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