Now that all of the charges have been dropped against Jussie Smollett…folks have already started moonwalking and copping pleas.

Ne-Yo took to social media on Tuesday night to publicly apologize to the “Empire” star for doubting him.

The R&B singer says he aaalmost allowed the media and people around him to get him to go against his gut.

Read Ne-Yo’s apology below.

I wouldn’t be real if I didn’t admit that I ALMOST let them convince me of something my spirit was telling me was wrong. I haven’t known @jussiesmollett for an incredibly long time nor did we get to spend an awful lot of time together. But in the time we did spend together, he proved to be a genuine guy.

Not clout hungry, not even on that “celebrity” sh*t. Just real and regular folks, passionate about his craft. When the story came out something in my soul would not let me condemn this man. Seemed like everyone was real quick to crucify and make meme’s and poke fun. I was anxious for ANSWERS because the sh*t just didn’t feel right. But I admit did almost allow myself to get caught up in the storm. And I feel much shame for this. The lesson here for me is to NEVER ignore my spirit, even if the whole world is telling me otherwise.

@jussiesmollett I apologize to you for almost allowing media and the things being said around me, to make me go against what my heart and soul was screaming at me, “this situation doesn’t make sense. Not with who you know him to be or even PERIOD.”

I’m happy that for once justice was on the right side. Blessings and prayers of strength to you bro. And when I see you again I will say this to your face. #100

See Ne-Yo’s original post below.



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