Ne-Yo tweeted:

Crystal Renay also offered an apology for her font-fighting with cyber bullies:

I apologize for allowing negativity to take me out of my character. We all have a breaking point and my child is that for me BUT From this point on I’m done responding to the ignorance. There is always more than one side to a story and let’s not forget the TRUTH. You guys may speculate all you like but I can no longer lower myself to respond. I ask that you respect my page and if not I’ll simply block you. Be blessed or stay miserable its your life and I’m choosing to live mine happy ? I’ll never feel ashamed about my miracle The Lord has given me! #BABYSMITH??

It’s unfortunate something that should have been celebrated turned into such an ugly internet sideshow.

I wish Ne-Yo, Crystal Renay, and (our girl) Monyetta the best.

Photo: Instagram


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