NBC was shocked and blindsided by Nick Cannon‘s Facebook post where he announced he was quitting as host of “America’s Got Talent.”

Last week, reports surfaced claiming the powers that be were on the verge of firing Nick over a joke he made about “losing his black card.” They felt he had crossed the line and was tarnishing their brand.

In a lengthy post on his official Facebook page, Nick Cannon said he is deeply saddened by the ordeal, but he will not be controlled like a piece of property or “put in his place.”

According to Page Six, NBC was completely blindsided by his announcement, but added that he is under contract and things could get legal.

But network insiders denied to Page Six that NBC threatened to fire Cannon, and added that since he has a contract, he would likely run into legal problems if he tried to follow through with his Facebook threat.

Sources also said that network bigs have been trying to contact Cannon, to no avail.

This is going to get interesting…