Listen Playa – don’t let the smooth tunes fool ya! Boyz II Men are from Philly and they will remind you of that when necessary.

Nathan Morris of the legendary group took to social media to blast Dallas Austin over an interview he did with VLAD TV where he stated he didn’t like the 4X Grammy Award-winning group because they became “a$$holes” after gaining success.

Dallas went on to say all Boyz II Men did was talk about their Rolexes and new money and he had to be convinced by a Motown label head to work with them again.

Watch below (2:33 mark):

Nathan wasn’t having it! He took to social media and blasted Dallas Austin writing:

@dallasaustins WTF is wrong with u homie? Stay your ass out the woods tree-huggin and smokin weed and sh*t! U know your interview about @boyziimen with @vladtv was bullsh*t lies! I don’t really do this social media sh*t but I’ll spew the real sh*t if u want n***ah! Don’t do this to yourself!!!!

Dallas has not publicly responded to Nate and I suggest he doesn’t.

I need Nathan Morris to spill the real tea… ☕️

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