Nas - Kelis

I’m very happy to report Nas and Kelis have reached a custody agreement when it comes to their 8-year-old son, Knight Jones.

Via TMZ:

According to court docs, the exes hammered out specific dates where Nas will have custody of Knight for weekends. Dad gets four full weekends over January, February and March. Nas’ weekend visits will begin immediately after school on Fridays … thru Sunday night, or Monday night, if it’s a 3-day weekend.

As we reported, Nas was complaining that Kelis was making it difficult for him to spend extended time with their son.

The new agreement also requires both parents to use their “best efforts to not popularize [Knight] in social media.”

That would explain why Kelis posts photos of Knight like this:



Either way! It’s good they’ve reached a new custody agreement.