Nas - Kelis

Nas Asks Judge For Help With Visitations

Nas and Kelis are still bumping heads when it comes to his visitations with their 8-year-old son, Knight.

The Hip Hop legend has asked a judge to step in because he says his ex-wife is “hostile” and dictates when, where and how long he’s able to spend time with their son.

Via TMZ:

Nas calls Kelis “hostile” in court docs, obtained by TMZ, claiming he’s tried for months to work out an amicable agreement for sharing their son Knight … and Kelis just won’t cooperate.

He’s asking a judge for Knight on the first, third and fifth weekend of each month from Friday after school through Monday morning.

Nas claims Kelis has dictated when, where and for how long he’s able to spend time with his son … and he’s had enough.

The two have been locked in multiple legal disputes since their divorce in 2010.

Hopefully, the judge will be able to set some visitation guidelines.