Rachel Dolezal


Rachel distanced herself from her biological parents to avoid blowing her cover, but that didn’t stop them for giving the scoop.

“The adoption of the children definitely fueled her interest as a teenager in being involved with people of color,” Ruthanne Dolezal said. “We’ve always had friends of different ethnicities. It was a natural thing for her.”

Lawrence also seemed to understand how his daughter may have connected with black culture, but it still doesn’t change her ethnicity.

You speak and sound and act and take on the mannerisms of the culture you live in [on his daughter attending Howard University].

You’ve got a white woman coming in that got a full-ride scholarship to the black Harvard and ever since then she’s been involved in social justice advocacy for African Americans. She assimilated into that culture so strongly that that’s where she transferred her identity.

But unfortunately, she is not ethnically by birth African American. She is our daughter by birth. And that’s the way it is.

Peep Rachel Dolezal’s parents spilling tea below.



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