Blackbird trailer - Mo'Nique - Isaiah Washington - Julian Walker


We have the trailer for Blackbird, the powerful film based on the Larry Duplechan novel, starring Oscar-winning actress Mo’Nique, Isaiah Washington, and newcomer Julian Walker.

Blackbird is Mo’Nique’s first film since she won an Oscar for her riveting performance in Precious.

During a recent interview, Mo discussed the film and how she became a part of the project.

It’s about a young brother coming of age…trying to deal with his sexuality…trying to deal with religion…trying to deal with friendship. They’re dealing with suicide. We’re dealing with marriage.

There’s so much with this movie and the dynamic of how one family has to deal with this young man being gay.

Watch below as Mo’Nique talks about Blackbird.



Watch the official trailer for Blackbird below.



Blackbird opens in theaters on April 24.

I definitely plan to supporting this film! How about you?