Dr. Dre - Compton Album


Ladies and Gents, we can finally let go of our Detox dreams because Dr. Dre has announced his new album, Compton: A Soundtrack, is on the way.

During his Beats 1 radio show, The Pharmacy with Dr. Dre, the legendary producer shocked the Hip Hop community with the announcement of his new album.

I was leaving the set coming to the studio and I felt myself just being so inspired by the movie that I started recording an album.

I kept it under wraps and the album is finished!

Yeah…an ‘inspired by’ album. It’s inspired by Straight Outta Compton. We’re gonna call the album, Compton: The Soundtrack.

Cube is on the album! Cube came in and he went bananas on the record. Kendrick Lamar is on the record, Eminem is on the record, Snoop Dogg is on the record, all my friends came in and we all came together to build this thing. And it’s going to be my grand finale and the record is bananas!

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