Lil Kim skipped out on the July 9 hearing. Instead, she filed her own court papers claiming her Mr. Papers physically assaulted her. He feels it’s another strategic move by the Queen Bee to prevent him from seeing Royal Reign.

Papers’ publicist, Tasha Hilton, told Bossip, “She’s playing really dirty now with the domestic situation. There has never been any domestic violence.”

Tasha also clarified that Papers is not seeking full custody of Royal Reign, he simply wants the opportunity to be an active father in her life.

“He’s not trying to take custody, he’s not trying to take her. He is literally just trying to see her. He’s been trying to do it very quietly.” Hilton added, “He doesn’t want his daughter to grow up and think her father didn’t care about her,” Hilton said. “The one thing that does matter to him is having his daughter in his life.”

Lil Kim and Mr. Papers will see a North Jersey family court judge this week on the domestic violence allegations.

Hopefully, everything will work out in Royal Reign’s best interest.


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