MOVIE SCOOP: ‘The Visit’ Review

The Visit Review


Grandparents…bless their hearts. If it weren’t for them, there would be no us. We value their knowledge. We applaud their perseverance. We marvel at their decades-long marriages…plus they can cook their a$$es off, can’t they?? We love em’. But uh ruh, let’s keep it one hunnid (that’s right – hunnid), sometimes they’re…how can I put this…weird. What was that? I should be ashamed of myself? Really? Ok, Exhibit A: All that plastic on the living room furniture (shrink-wrapping a couch?). Exhibit B: Those “old sayings” that make zero sense (when I was a kid and caused problems, my grandma always said, “Boy, you want me to get some butter from the duck?!” Huh?) Exhibit C: It’s 85 degrees outside but their heat is on 95 degrees in the house! I’ll give you an even better exhibit: Nana and Pop-pop in the new movie, The Visit. You think your grandparents are a little off? Oh, you ain’t seen NOTHIN yet.

Will you want to respect this movie like your elders, or will you want to put this in a rest home? Let’s go!

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