The Visit Review


Grandparents…bless their hearts. If it weren’t for them, there would be no us. We value their knowledge. We applaud their perseverance. We marvel at their decades-long marriages…plus they can cook their a$$es off, can’t they?? We love em’. But uh ruh, let’s keep it one hunnid (that’s right – hunnid), sometimes they’re…how can I put this…weird. What was that? I should be ashamed of myself? Really? Ok, Exhibit A: All that plastic on the living room furniture (shrink-wrapping a couch?). Exhibit B: Those “old sayings” that make zero sense (when I was a kid and caused problems, my grandma always said, “Boy, you want me to get some butter from the duck?!” Huh?) Exhibit C: It’s 85 degrees outside but their heat is on 95 degrees in the house! I’ll give you an even better exhibit: Nana and Pop-pop in the new movie, The Visit. You think your grandparents are a little off? Oh, you ain’t seen NOTHIN yet.

Will you want to respect this movie like your elders, or will you want to put this in a rest home? Let’s go!

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